What Can We Help You Protect?

Our Business Insurance Specialties

Technology Insurance

For Ontario Tech Companies:
IT Consultants, Software developers,
Game developers, Data Centres,
Web Designers & More

Contractor Insurance

For Ontario Contractors:
Electrical, HVAC, Plumbing, Carpentry,
Shingleroofing, Painting and decorating,
Landscapers & More

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Personal Insurance Solutions

Home Insurance

Protection tailored to your house, condo, apartment and seasonal or rental properties.

Auto Insurance

The perfect blend of coverage and value for your cars and trucks and also for your motorcycles, snowmobiles & ATVs

Marine Insurance

For yachts, sailboats and many more. Protect your precious watercraft and against liability

Marhen Insurance started out in 1976 as a small family business, with the same noble mission that guides us today:

To help you build a strong insurance protection program to safeguard what matters most: your family, your home, your assets and your business.

Our personalized, boutique-style services are best suited for business owners and professionals as well as active families and individuals who have more complex insurance needs.

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What Could Be Worse than Having to Pay for Insurance?

What Could Possibly Be Worse Than Having to Pay for Insurance?

Let’s be honest:   Even if you have a good understanding of what insurance does for you, deep inside, we all believe that peace of mind should be free, and that we shouldn’t have to pay a “premium” to enjoy...

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