Personal Iinsurance Solutions

The right personal insurance coverage – to protect your home, your vehicles, your cottage, watercraft or snowmobile, your art collection and other valuable assets – is one of the key building blocks of your financial planning.

A major loss without the right kind of protection could devastate your future.

At Marhen Insurance Brokers we can look after all your personal insurance needs, and we particularly shine at finding solutions for business owners, professionals, families and individuals with more complex insurance needs.

That means that you’ll save time by not having to deal with ten different companies, and you’ll also be able to take advantage of multi-policy discounts.

And since your entire portfolio is handled by our professional team, you won’t be exposed to dangerous gaps in coverage! ( Gaps in coverage are a common consequence of having your policies with different providers ).

What can we help you protect?

Your Home and Personal Property

Protect Yourself And Your Family With Home Insurance

– House
– Condo
– Tenant’s
– Seasonal properties
– Rental properties
– Unique, estate or high-value homes and condos

Your Automobiles

Protect Yourself and Your Family With Car Insurance

– Cars
– Trucks and SUVs
– Collector cars
– Vintage/antique cars

Marine risks

– Yachts
– Sailboats
– Fishing boats
– Pontoon boats
– Cuddy Cabins
– Day Cruisers
– Cruisers
– PWC’sJet Boats
– Ski Boats
– Sport Boats
– Performance Boats
– Deck Boats
– Bass Boats
– Runabouts
– Bowriders
– Catamarans
– Antique Boat

Your Motorcycles,  ATVs and Snowmobiles

– Deluxe Touring
– Light Touring
– Adventure Cruiser
– Custom
– Standard
– Harley-Davidson
– Moped
– Dual Purpose
– Off Road
– ATVs

Against Liability

You don’t have to be a millionaire to be sued like one.

If insurance is for a rainy day, an umbrella policy is for a storm! A day when someone hits you with a lawsuit for hundreds of thousands, even millions, of dollars.

Everyone should have an umbrella policy in their protection plan, particularly those with homes and significant assets to protect.

Your Unique Home or Condo

It’s a fact:  if you own a unique, estate, or high value home, then ‘standard policies’ are not for you.

Does your home have a reconstruction value of over $800,000? Does it sit on a special location? Does it have very unique architectural features? Is it home to precious contents (such as your art or wine collections).

If you answered ‘YES’, you’ll be pleased to know that at Marhen Insurance Brokers we have specialists who understand the extraordinary coverage needs of “high-value or luxury homes and condos”.

We have sought out insurance products best suited to match your needs, and partnered with leading insurance companies such as Chubb (see the feature video) that deliver outstanding coverage, extra options and exceptional claims service.

And since we can also provide protection for your vehicles, boats, business, etc. you have a friendly and professional one-stop shop to look after all your insurance needs.

Contact us today to take your well-deserved peace of mind to the next level.

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