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Start a quote and get access to best-in-class Cyber insurance, offering First Party and third Party Cyber coverage for limits up to $2,000,000. This insurance product is available to hundreds of different types of businesses in various industries (with revenues up to $50,000,000!).

Why Businesses of All Sizes Need Cyber Insurance

It’s 2020 and companies face increased information security threats on a daily basisBusinesses – both large and small – need their insurance coverage to respond to exposures that didn’t even exist just a few years ago!

With heightened awareness of privacy issues, new legislative changes, and ever more sophisticated criminal cyber-attacks around the globe, companies not only need to be protected from traditional exposures but also from those that continue to emerge.

Fortunately, you can obtain specialized “cyber insurance” to responds to these information security and data privacy exposures.

Cyber insurance policies can provide both third party liability coverage and first party computer security coverage, such as:

Privacy & Security Liability

Coverage for third party damages and defence costs arising out of actual, or potential:

  • Breach of any right to privacy of employees or third parties.
  • Theft, loss, unauthorized access to or disclosure of personal information or confidential third party corporate information.
  • Failure to provide timely disclosure or notification of a privacy breach.
  • Failure to protect against unauthorized access or use, theft or destruction of data, denial of service attacks and virus transmission involving the insured’s computer system.
  • Privacy Notification Costs.

Multimedia Liability

Coverage for third party damages and defence costs arising out of display of electronic content on your website (or on other’s websites for which you are responsible).

  • This coverage can extend to many internet-related exposures including advertising injuries that are not covered under many of today’s general liability policies including copyright infringement, piracy, libel and slander.

Fines & Penalties

  • Civil fines/penalties imposed in a regulatory proceeding for a privacy breach.
  • Equitable relief funds for payment of consumer claims in a regulatory proceeding.
  • Fines or noncompliance assessments arising out of a breach of the rules, standards, and agreements governing the Payment Card Industry.

Privacy Breach Response Expenses

Coverage for expenses arising out of privacy and security breaches, including:

  • Notification (voluntary or mandatory), including legal fees to determine actions necessary in event of a privacy breach.
  • Computer security expert to demonstrate ability to prevent a future data breach.
  • Mitigation to reputation, including public relations consultancy, crisis management or legal advice, advertising and communications.
  • Identity theft protection, including changing, restoring and monitoring credit, identity or healthcare records, call centre services.

Who should buy this protection?

  • Healthcare organizations
  • Retail Operations
  • Financial Institutions
  • Technology companies
  • Any organization that has care, custody or control of any confidential information or data, whether it be in electronic or paper format, as well as any company with a computer system or website.


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Through our office you get access to cyber insurance solutions that are available to hundreds of different types of businesses in many industries (and with revenues up to $50,000,000!).

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