What Do Insurance Policies and Fortune Cookies Have in Common?

Insurance policies do have one thing in common with fortune cookies:

They all look alike, but what’s written inside is usually different.

Of course, with fortune cookies, it doesn’t really matter what the papers say, and you can add the phrase “in bed” at the end, to make them funny.

But when it comes to your personal or business insurance policies, you’d better make sure that the ‘papers inside’ have precisely the kind of protection and unique coverage that you, your family, your assets and your business need.

You can’t leave that up to ‘fortune’.

As  Jack Hungelmann so eloquently put it in his book “Insurance for Dummies” (when choosing insurance companies, insurance coverages or insurance advisors):

The job of protecting you from financial ruin caused by property or liability claims is an important one. Approach it as seriously as you’d approach choosing a doctor, lawyer, or accountant. 

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