Wondering if our Risk Management and Insurance services are right for you?

As you start browsing around our web site, you’ll quickly notice that we do not pretend to be the right insurance broker “for everybody”.

Instead, we focus on a couple of specialties:  This allows us to invest a considerable amount of time and resources learning and staying up-to-date on those specialties.

The result is a win-win situation where we benefit from the opportunity to do business with clients like you (who require our specialized knowledge, services and products) …..

…. and our clients benefit (get better protection) thanks to our focused expertise.

Fact is, insurance is very complex, and you should demand that your broker be a true expert, not just someone who ‘dabbles’ in your industry or type of situation.

Our specialties:

  • Our commercial department focuses exclusively on providing risk management services and specialized insurance coverage to help Information Technology (IT) businesses protect themselves against “The Monsters”.  Click here for details.
  • We also provide personal insurance solutions for business owners, professionals and individuals or families with more complex personal insurance needs.